2013 was the year of Richard Wagner. To mark the Bicentennial of the great composers birth it is imperative that a Wagner documentary, produced by Wagnerians, is made for all music lovers to enjoy.

This project is sponsored by the most important Wagner Societies from around the globe. The film’s scriptwriter is Javier Nicolás and the director is Jordi Nin, the same team that created the documentary Siegfried Wagner, the Last Romantic in 2003. This film catalogued the works of Richard Wagner’s son, the emblematic director of the Opera house (Festspielhaus) of Bayreuth.

This original documentary will show the genius and thought of the great Master of Bayreuth, presented from a purist’s perspective.

This project is a unique and rare opportunity for all music lovers, as well as opera aficionados and Wagner devotees, to leave their mark. Anyone who wishes can become a patron of this exciting project simply by making a contribution. With your donation you will be listed in the film credits and receive an exclusive debut copy.