Javier Nicolás

Historian, writer and scriptwriter
Javier NicolásJavier has been the president of the Wagner Society of Barcelona for more than 20 years. He is a Wagner lover through and through. A significant part of his professional life has been focused on the romantic composer, Siegfried Wagner, and his father, Richard Wagner. He has given lectures and seminars on five continents and has written several articles and publications on the subject. He was also the scriptwriter and co-producer of the film Siegfried Wagner, the Last Romantic.

Jordi Nin

Film producer and director
Jordi NinJordi is the founder and director of ESPECTRUM PRODUCCIONS, S.L. He is a filmmaker and producer for various cultural projects as well as artistic director for urban audiovisual installations. As a lover of classical music, Jordi also directs and hosts the radio program L’hora dels immortals for Calafell Ràdio. He was the director and co-producer of the 2003 film Siegfried Wagner, the Last Romantic with Javier Nicolás.


ESPECTRUM creates cinematographic productions and audiovisual narrations and events, particularly projects cultural and artistic in nature

Siegfried Wagner, The Last Romantic - a documentaryESPECTRUM produced Siegfried Wagner, the Last Romantic. This film is presently the only audio-visual document exclusively dedicated to Siegfried Wagner, Cosima and Richard Wagner’s son.